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Stop Buying 360s - What can we do to reduce Microsofts profit.

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At the time of posting this I couldn't find an immediate thread that wasn't just a simple rant or comparison.
If this thread does already exist; my apologies.

The bottom line of the current situation Is this; Everyone who is going to buy an Xbox 360 has already bought one.
Now excusing warranty claims, how many people do you know have bought more than one 360?
I know several.

////This is my reasoning, its a little long winded so skip further down to get to my point LOL
The reason is, the 360 is a cheap assembly of nuts and bolts, by far the most tedious to take apart and clean.
Mine personally is always on the brink of death. I bought this "Birdshit white" beauty back in 2009. Long after already buying a Ps3 and wii.
I personally wanted to see what the hubbub was about.

This is by far the worst hardware in a console Ive seen yet. A little over two years and I have had multiple red rings and many many disc reader problems.

The Xbox 360 is a consumer treadmill. I feel crazy for believing this. But its almost like they're designed to break!

Think about it from Microsoft marketing's stand point. Cynically (of course).
Lets release this console a whole year early so that the sheeple will buy it.
Lets make the hardware crap and warranty it with refurbished xboxes. Sure the refurbishing will cost money But in the long run when warranty DOES expire. We have a broken console with an owner who probably has 10 - 20 games for it. He wont simply throw it all away. God no, He will buy a new one.

Now to quote a coworker of mine "Ha the psn is down, you get what you payed for"
The xbox live service is by no means free, being 60$ up front for a year or 120 if you go month to month.
Unfortunately I likely will close all live services come December.

If you worry about the PSN being unreliable. I own COD 4 on ps3, and I have had little or no problems connected through wifi,
    reliable overall service. Rarely crashing. I own Modern warfare 2 on 360. Why the indecision? well I bought it for 360 cause at the time  my only other games were condemned and gears of war.

Xbox live had more disconnects.... Now this could be due to the locations of the people I was connecting to, and their service.
But yeah....More disconnects. And it was connected through a wired connection, a mere 6 ft ethernet cable to my router ( I tried Direct to modem as well)

Also Xboxs come with a headset. Blessing and a curse. It basically means their is almost always need to thoroughly mute people.

Xbox live services are not worth what they cost. The psn goes down for a few days every now and again, but come on guys were talking about video games here. If it means the lesser of two evils Im down with the lesser, Sony.


Guys with broken 360s, I know your pain. Its Bullshit having about 15 games sitting their collecting dust.
So what do you do? Well I'm not gonna toot the "buy a ps3 horn"

Just dont buy a brand new one. Many local shops carry refurbished or Used 360s for a good price!
If you are smitten buy the urge to continue playing your 360 games. Buy a used or refurb one Make sure it works of course before buying it.

The reason I recommend this is because this is less money in MS pockets. The console was already bought once; the point of sale being walmart, or gamestop, or bestbuy Whatever. Onces its bought once, selling it will gain them no additional profit.

They are banking on us buying more than one of these pieces of shit.

I would like to see more posts on what can be done by us (the sheeple) to atleast reduce the profit microsoft gets.

Being able to play on an XB360 at a friend's house, and owning a PS3 myself, I can too compare how things are handled.

The main difference is the price. Compare VidZone (PS3) to Zune (XB360). VidZone is completely free, while Zune is € 15 a month. Maybe the quality is a bit better, but it still means paying for a service that is usually free or around € 5 a month if you want extra's (, Pandora, Spotify, etc.).

The Dutch public access network offers free streaming of their television programmes to anyone with a .nl IP address, because we're already paying loads of tax money for it. There's a channel for it on the PS3. It costs Sony next to nothing to do make it available, it's basically a website with embedded Flash, so why not. Microsoft however, wanted to charge for the app, so it could have a profit margin for a service that must be available at no cost by law.
I haven't even begun on the € 45 a year you'd have to pay on the XB360 just for online multiplayer. They tried to pull that bullshit once on Games For Windows too.

For all that extra money, you'd think they'd improve hardware faults. But in another topic, I spoke of an avarage failure rate of 54.2% within the first year of XB360 use, while 10% is usually considered normal by electronic stores (stuff gets thrown around at airport shipping, so shit happens).

PSN is down for seven days now, because of incompetent IT, who only encrypted the connection between device and business. Even this forum software hashes passwords by default, and the fact that Sony apparently didn't, is quite arrogant and mind boggling. But I still consider PSN better than XBL, because it's just as good, and free (as in free beer). That PSN is currently down is nothing compared to a broken console that half of XB360 users have to deal with.

Stop Buying 360s - What can we do to reduce Microsofts profit. is a bit of a silly thing to say. It should be stop buying Xbox 360s - they're shit.

I agree with buying 2nd hand if you're stuck with games and a broken XBox but surely it's just better to count your losses and sell the games?

You could buy 2nd hand but there's no warranty, although a 2nd hand console might be more reliable if it's generally the case that most failures occur when the device is brand new, which is normally the case with electronic items.

I never understood why individuals kept buying 360s when it's unreliability has been known and never officially fixed.

I don't know, the same reason why some women stick with men go cheat on them and beat them, I suppose.


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