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Start button disappears from Windows 8 preview



Pretty interesting move by Microsoft. It's still supposed to be there, but as a hot corner instead of an orb-like button.

--- Quote ---'Fear not though, the Start button functionality isn't as dead as it seems,' reports The Verge.
Although the button itself might be absent, the functions are still there, just accessed via a 'hot corner' designed to work equally well with touchscreens or computer mice.
'We have confirmed with sources close to Microsoft's Windows 8 development that a hot corner has replaced the Start button orb,' says The Verge.
--- End quote ---

Windows 3.1 with the Program Manager shell

The Metro design language defines Windows 8's GUI

Most people will use the registry hack anyways to disable metro.
For people who don't know how, they have to pin all applications to the right side of the metro interface, just like you could with Microsoft BOB.

I'm running the developer preview in VirtualBox. I think I can get it for free when it comes out since my laptop included a Windows 7 license, and I can get it through school.
In which case, I'll do a review (from within a virtual machine of course).


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