Author Topic: Only iPads stolen in raid on Microsoft office in Silicon Valley  (Read 4558 times)


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This will certainly be a damper for the Hotmail on iOS app :))

Looking back, it seems their Surface strategy has failed. There's a lot of word-to-mouth that you can't install desktop programs on Microsoft tablets. That's half true, but Microsoft is to blaim for their confusing product line.

Compare that to Apple. There's an iPad and iPad Mini. That's a simple choice to make.

Or Android even. Although there are a gazillion different tablets running it, there isn't a crippled Android. It doesn't matter how much the manufacturer has raped the tablet by shovelwaring, you still get Android, on which you can install a lot of apps. You can even uninstall the stock Android, and install a custom one.
It's called an open platform, something Microsoft has abandoned, and which was its main selling point.