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Gooseberry Clock:
No, shame on you for using Windows Me. If you insist on calling yourself a real PC user, at least use a real operating system like... well, anything except Windows Me. Either that, or turn System Restore off:

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what was it again?

one sucker born every minute or something?  :rolleyes:


quote:A Real PC User: Shame shame shame on you people, grow up and smell the future, the fure is named "User Friendly Computer Inviroment by Microsoft" because when I first got a PC in 93 I was PRAISING the fact that someone had the wit to make a easy system such as Windows, and I feel sorry for people who didn't like that system for they are now bitter Mac owners.
--- End quote ---

I thought that too once... until I worked with Mac OS 8 and Red Hat Linux...

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this dumbassed PC user will never post here again, obviously just passing through on his way to the moral high ground. Either that, or he's having problems how to switch his machine on.


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