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Title: Fuck Microsoft
Post by: bedouin on 24 April 2013, 08:49
This is the first and only time you will ever see me posting from a Windows machine.  I'm fixing it for someone.

And discovering how much I still hate this fucking OS.

Anyway, I happened to type Microsoft Eradication Society into Bing -- and guess what?  No results.

Google on the other hand responds with it as the first result.

Title: Re: Fuck Microsoft
Post by: Refalm on 9 May 2013, 10:51
Fixing a Windows machine takes up a lot of time.

There's toolbars, vaporware, spyware, rootkits, malware, virusses, temporary files, Trojan horses, keyloggers, etc.
Removing those takes hours.

And also that there's no way to update or install all applications at once, so you're stuck with install wizards and deselecting toolbars.

Reinstalling Windows you say? Good luck with constantly nagging Windows Update, installing lots of stuff (since Windows comes pre-installed with nothing useful), and restoring back-ups.

I don't bother anymore when people ask me to fix their Windows machine. I'll just install Linux, they can do everything just fine.
After I show them the application hub and the updater, they can do everything themselves, which is empowering. They are in control of their computer, not visa-versa.

I also recommend Macs when someone wants a new computer. They're already familiar with iPad.
Some of my friends hate Apple. While it has some flaws and it's a bit overpriced, their pre-installed applications are the most useful and fun, compared to the pre-installed stuff on Linux and Windows.
Title: Re: Fuck Microsoft
Post by: reactosguy on 21 July 2013, 20:45
I'm, happy, that this site is still up somehow, because I just want to rant.

Fuck Microsoft. For real.

Today, I had to sit through setting up my dad's Surface Pro "laptop/tablet". It was a fucking nightmare. Windows 8 is the most abominable and unintuitive cock-sucking horse shit I've ever seen. The user interface is for all intents and purposes an NES game menu smothered through a goddamn smoothing filter. It looks like some nerd with no friends made it. If you don't have a touch-screen computer, tough shit, because Windows 8 is made for touch screens. If you even have a touch screen, have fun, because you won't. The start menu is all over the fucking place. You have a desktop, cool, but it doesn't do jack shit. The e-mail app: use the browser interface, 'cause the Mail app doesn't even let you use your default signatures. This wouldn't be so bad if you weren't running a business and this wasn't your main unit. Communicating with your clients? "Fuck you," says Windows 8. Internet Exploder is back and ready to make you rip your heart out, feed it to your ass, and create a nuclear chain reaction so strong, nothing in a million-mile radius will live. We all know how it works: type in an address enough times, and you're fucked. You're screwed. And all those social (Failbook and Twatter) hotlinks: MICROSOFT I don't give a damn, I have a fucking browser to work with!

Seriously, Windows 8 is the shittiest OS I have ever used. But I didn't even get into the good stuff (read: Office fucking 360). How you set that up: First, you get some asshole at the Microsoft Store to persuade you to buy it. I was there. I knew it would be shit. But that lower price point drew in the other people I was buying with. Second, you come home and open up the box. All the volume in it is 97% air. The rest is a manual and a hotel card with the license code. $99 for this shit? They couldn't have made the box any flatter? Microsoft, you are a bunch of wasteful, money-raking cunts. Third, pop in the license code online and realize that you need a Microsoft account to proceed. WTF Microsoft? We can't just get the damn software? Fourth, go through all that MS account bullshit and go to the download page. Fifth, download the install wizard (finally!). Nope, there's a sixth step. Watch the fucking movie in the installer to proceed. Can't proceed without watching it. I began to snap here. I was fed up with having to deal with this crap. And then it installs and then asks for you to login and personalize. Give me the software, dammit! And then it sends you a confirmation, with no sign of Office being installed. I've been had! What a shitty ass rip-off!

I would never think Microsoft would get this low. Windows XP and Windows 7 are actually worth your time. Windows 8, don't bother.

This isn't me writing because I'm on a site called Stop Microsoft. This is me writing because I have an actual, legitimate complaint. I was disgusted at how shitty Microsoft became.

Get used to it, reactosguy.

No. This is fucking shit, I fucking hate it, I fucking hate Microsoft products starting with Windows 8...FUCK THIS SHIT

Thank god Stop Microsoft still exists. What we need is to advertise. Appeal to people who've been betrayed by Windows 8. Set up a complaints section for those people. Tell everyone that Windows 8 sucks ass.

That is all.
Title: Re: Fuck Microsoft
Post by: Aloone_Jonez on 29 July 2013, 00:36
Ah yes, installing the updates are a pain.

I hate installing Windows.

I assume the update thing hasn't improved in the latter versions?

I've never really used anything newer than XP.
Title: Re: Fuck Microsoft
Post by: Refalm on 9 August 2013, 19:21
In Windows 8, the update restart policy is extended to two days.

That sounds great, until you realise that shutting down doesn't install updates, only rebooting will (Microsoft wants you to use hibernate only now, shutting down options are hidden behind three menu's, the power button hibernates).

If you were to not restart at all after two days, the machine will reboot, regardless of you working on an important document.