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Microsoft Software / Re: Fuck Microsoft
« Last Post by Refalm on 9 May 2013, 10:51 »
Fixing a Windows machine takes up a lot of time.

There's toolbars, vaporware, spyware, rootkits, malware, virusses, temporary files, Trojan horses, keyloggers, etc.
Removing those takes hours.

And also that there's no way to update or install all applications at once, so you're stuck with install wizards and deselecting toolbars.

Reinstalling Windows you say? Good luck with constantly nagging Windows Update, installing lots of stuff (since Windows comes pre-installed with nothing useful), and restoring back-ups.

I don't bother anymore when people ask me to fix their Windows machine. I'll just install Linux, they can do everything just fine.
After I show them the application hub and the updater, they can do everything themselves, which is empowering. They are in control of their computer, not visa-versa.

I also recommend Macs when someone wants a new computer. They're already familiar with iPad.
Some of my friends hate Apple. While it has some flaws and it's a bit overpriced, their pre-installed applications are the most useful and fun, compared to the pre-installed stuff on Linux and Windows.
Microsoft Software / Fuck Microsoft
« Last Post by bedouin on 24 April 2013, 08:49 »
This is the first and only time you will ever see me posting from a Windows machine.  I'm fixing it for someone.

And discovering how much I still hate this fucking OS.

Anyway, I happened to type Microsoft Eradication Society into Bing -- and guess what?  No results.

Google on the other hand responds with it as the first result.

Microsoft Software / Re: MSN Messenger
« Last Post by Refalm on 20 April 2013, 05:37 »
Microsoft announced that they would herass MSN Messenger users this month into switching to Skype.

I'm guessing that's what the update is about :))
Microsoft Software / MSN Messenger
« Last Post by bedouin on 19 April 2013, 06:10 »
They pushed out a Messenger update through Office for Mac's updater yesterday, and it's still on the Messenger network.  Confusing.
Microsoft Software / Re: MSN Messenger
« Last Post by Refalm on 18 April 2013, 02:48 »
It's because some businesses use MSN Messenger to chat to other companies, since it has Lync integration.

Lync users will be migrated to Skype integration for out-of-company chat next year.
Microsoft Software / MSN Messenger
« Last Post by bedouin on 16 April 2013, 02:31 »
Strange that they're being nice about it.
Microsoft Software / Re: MSN Messenger
« Last Post by Refalm on 15 April 2013, 18:21 »
They will close the 3rd party apps next year, but the official MSN Messenger will stop working now.

I don't know anyone who uses it anyway, everyone is using WhatsApp or Facebook.
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