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The same idiot sysops that still used Internet Explorer for everything now don't know that Microsoft has cloud services, so they think of Microsoft as old.

Microsoft just copied Amazon with their Azure platform, and copied Google with Office 365. I actually trialed both, and they aren't as good as they think they are. They basically don't offer solutions, but spew out random products, without offering interoperability.

Just look at Hotmail. Before Gmail arrived, you had 2 MB space, and you had to pay for IMAP. It was only when people started to go elsewhere when they changed that.
I found this at the TM Repository. The user in the link described this situation.

But anyways, this is where it's happening.

From the first link: Sometimes I wonder, is there anything Microsoft won’t do to take on Google’s online services? Here is a tip for Microsoft: Mud slinging never works, especially if the guy you are slinging mud at is considered the “good guy” (Facebook is the “bad guy” in the public’s mind when it comes to privacy). Mud slinging may make the other guy look bad (though I doubt it in Google’s case), but won’t necessarily make you look good. And do the folks over at Microsoft really think the public won’t see through this and realize it is a cheap attempt to promote their own online services? The public MAY pay attention if such an ad came from a non-profit, but certainly won’t when it comes from a competitor that has a (non)privacy policy of it’s own for it’s own online services.

What is your opinion on this?
Linux and UNIX / Re: Richard Stallman was Rght All Along
« Last Post by pulsewavebitslice on 9 February 2012, 11:42 »
i wish i had the funds to own a lemote yeelong. as for closed software and hardware biting us, its easy to slip something wicked in the code when nobody can see the source, digging through a binary is never fun. i suppose a compiler is one of the best hash functions in existance......
The Lounge / Re: What's up haters?
« Last Post by reactosguy on 11 January 2012, 01:20 »
Hello toadlife. I haven't seen you around here at all.

Anyways, I can confirm that the place is dead.
The Lounge / Re: What's up haters?
« Last Post by toadlife on 11 January 2012, 00:48 »
Yeah no shit. Right after I posted I noticed how dated all of the recent posts were.

Anyone here own an Samsung Epic 4G? I've been dev'ing Android ROMs and kernels lately.
The Lounge / Re: What's up haters?
« Last Post by piratePenguin on 11 January 2012, 00:09 »
Place is dead toad!

I'm Microsofts lover now, as you can see on my left.
The Lounge / What's up haters?
« Last Post by toadlife on 10 January 2012, 23:37 »
Still here, hating on Microsoft I see.

How's things going?
Linux and UNIX / Re: Richard Stallman was Rght All Along
« Last Post by reactosguy on 3 January 2012, 21:58 »
This is why you should support Android (not Google, but Android), even if you prefer the iPhone. This is why you should support Linux, even if you use Windows. This is why you should support Apache, even if you run IIS. There's going to be a point where being Free/open is no longer a fun perk, but a necessity.

Sounds like overreacting to me.

What if you never used Linux, and were forced to support it?
Linux and UNIX / Re: Richard Stallman was Rght All Along
« Last Post by piratePenguin on 3 January 2012, 04:40 »
I actually was just coming on here to post this!

There've been many arguments about free vs closed software on here, mostly centred around technical merits on either side.

A moot point some would say. The guy's right - it was tough to say it a while ago, and not so tough now. Who knows what the future will be like. Rebellion?
Linux and UNIX / Richard Stallman was Rght All Along
« Last Post by bedouin on 3 January 2012, 02:31 »
I've been considering a complete switch to free software for a while now.
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