Author Topic: Subsystem for UNIX-based Applications  (Read 1747 times)


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Subsystem for UNIX-based Applications
« on: 12 June 2010, 00:12 »
Well it looks like my Microsoft overlords have assimilated Unix entirely with this handy blob of Microsoft's own distribution of open source software. Just look at the list below.

Quote from: Microsoft Overlords
This consists of the following parts:

- Base Utilities
- SVR-5 Utilities
- Base SDK
- GNU Utilities
- UNIX Perl
- Visual Studio Debugger Add-in

This release enables 64-bit application development for SUA. development and porting of custom UNIX applications using the Windows OCI (Oracle Call Interface) and Windows ODBC libraries (collectively referred to as ‘Mixed Mode’ in the rest of the document). is where you can get it for Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2.

Ironically, I've only just installed it and not had the chance to test it properly. This is because it requires me to reboot Windows which smells kinda funny considering Windows doesn't use any of this natively. The Microsoft touch on Unix appears to leave that Microsoft legacy for reboots - but fact it, Windows has the easiest clustering in the world and one can see why.

I'll have to get back to this thread later because I can't reboot right now.