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Windows 7 in contrast to Windows 1.0 is quite awesome

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In all my life I have known one thing: stupid people do dumb things and reach dumb conclusions.

Yet it is when the smartest and brightest become so clenched to their ideas that they start ignoring one simple law: nothing is permanent and everything constantly changes. Microsoft as an organization has been through some of the weirdest patches of stupidity. There was Windows 95/98's complete lack of memory protection that became the standard for applications while Windows NT sat in the sidelines of 'corporate use' and it is true: Windows NT is fucking rock solid in terms of stability. By the time Microsoft got it out there as Windows XP it still suffered from the same stack protection issues and Microsoft in a grand 'FUCK YOU' to its stockholders left this alone, and didn't badger its users enough about updates so that hoards of botnets and spam plagued the Internet. Some thought Microsoft should be punished for this, yet I believe those shareholders had been punished enough.

With Service Pack 2 they brought in Stack Protection but idiots were allowed to keep running SP1, and your inbox was the greatest victim.

Yet one crew over in Redmond are always wonderful, their marketing. They managed to sell people a broken Celeron architecture that due to their complete cheap-bastardness on code auditing become a toy filled with hacks and the game publishers they assured would be fine got their products pirated to oblivion.

I could go on forever about the history of an entity, yet today I swear by Windows 7. This is my Windows, there are many like it but this one is mine. Without me my Windows is useless. Without Windows I am useless, and so on. At the moment I have running a few explorer Windows, Opera, Live Messenger, Microsoft Outlook, Pidgin, Powershell, an X server with a bunch of applications coming over good old SSH X11 forwarding, Vuze, Steam, and good old Notepad where sits a poem in the midst of being written.

Powershell is so neat that ls, mv, cp, etc are its short commands aliased to Microsofts silly non-abbreviated format, which isn't so silly when you see the command list is long as hell. I can use RPC to power down computers across the domain with the familiar 'shutdown' and the whole thing is object oriented so it looks like for bash to get up to speed it needs to be "bourne" once again.

I currently use no swap, and am yet for the system to load like its hell, and 8GB of ram is awfully cheap these days.

Personally, I think Microsoft have done an excellent job, and unlike the old days only a complete drooling moron who hates choices puts up with Internet Explorer 8.0, and I admit, that division needs the shit kicked out of it. Microsoft Office 7 is beautiful, and fast.

There is much to bitch about however, for some reason I get BSOD's once in a blue moon and because I have so much memory windows decides to cache A LOT OF SHIT and when it reboots all is lost. Maybe they need a dumpfile archaeologist to restore it from the memory image saved in the BSOD process, I dunno.

Also, its network manager kicks the flying shit out of that disaster NetworkManager which just seems like stepping back in time.

when it reboots? does it do it by its own choice?

also, how much does ms windows cost, and what about their deliberate continuing attempts to break standards (the recent rash of inaccessible ms office formats for instance).

I'm a PC, and I'm Fawlty.

Don't get me wrong, linux OSs seem to have lost the will to live in recent years, so they've finally become true windows replacements (ie: mediocrity personified), and i'll say this now, i haven't tried windows 7 and have no plans to. Also, the CLI sounds great, compared with everything i have heard of from MS on that front before, including MS DOS.

Anyway, i make no apology for naysaying windows on an anti-microsoft forum, but i'm glad you have something that works for you.

I believe you made a spelling mistake, Windows MAKES the standards, and once upon a time when UNIX meant something it did, and so on. What standards are you talking about anyway? Everything programmers use on Windows that matters, started with Microsoft. I don't code on Windows myself.

Also, regarding price, you get what you pay for. If you really want a system that has such a basic audio subsystem like pulseaudio, you get other users audio playing through your speakers.

Facebook often spits out non-standard HTML, and everyone deals with it.

Unless these standards are instituted by the coercive hands of the state, there is no real official 'standard' anyway.

Microsoft don't adopt many other standards these days simply because in the past, they have always had to expand upon them.

Enjoy your lack of ACLs in the 21st century anyway, it must be nice over there in the 70s. I am yet to see a Linux distribution that brings ACLs in a meaningful way to the user.

Also, enjoy avoiding Windows 7, it must be great fearing progress. At least you aren't like my cousin, who is still yet to even use the Internet.

Running older versions of Windows due to security problems like botnets is socially irresponsible.

sorry but you're a wanker.

i am not crusading for linux, i am not crusading against windows, however i will stand by my opinion that microsoft continuously stifle innovation in their own company, but more importantly in the software arena generally, because their marketing model tells them they can make more money this way by fucking everything up and claiming to have the solution than by truly coming up with new uses for technology.

so, once again you have misread what my position is. basically if ms windows does the job for you, fine, i have worse problems than you seem to be aware of with many linux distros. i wouldn't recommend any of the top five most popular linuces to anybody, on the basis of my own experience, but i also don't like pirated software, and i can't afford to pay for ms windows (and i wouldn't give my money to MS anyway, considering their history).

But carry on responding to a position i don't hold if you like.

I think you have misread my own position. I simply dispute that standards come out of thin air, they come out of being applied.

What do you run anyway?


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