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Windows 7 in contrast to Windows 1.0 is quite awesome

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Ubuntu serves it's purpose quite remarkably.

--- Quote from: ubuntu homepage ---Ubuntu is an operating system built by a worldwide team of expert developers. It contains all the applications you need: a web browser, office suite, media apps, instant messaging and much more.

Ubuntu is an open-source alternative to Windows and Office.
--- End quote ---
That is all I want on my computer. Which is now, full-time (laptop gone), my old '03/04-built computer, 250meg ram (obv should be 128*2), and god knows what other concoction of shit. It's running quite fucking substantially let me tell you.

Windows may be "good", but that's not the point. The point is I don't need it, and almost all of us don't need it. Which means, actually, Microsoft need not have a percentage of the control it does have. But why would the world "settle" for freedom? Especially when the people who understand the issues, Are Windows Users.

I'm happier to do my work in a system that does it's job, does it well, and where noone is trying to strangle me for good business. That's why Microsoft could never replace Ubuntu on my computer. Same applies to Apple. I DONT GIVE A SHIT ABOUT POWERSHELL

LOL, Ubuntu 9.10 refuses to work (i don't even get a GUI) on my old fglrx card, it once worked with 8.04 on that machine, but that doesn't work either. Eventually I learned Ubuntu is a piece of shit and put Debian on there. It is just a spare computer, but it was easier to just get debian, and build the ATI kernel module myself. Also, despite Ubuntu calling itself a desktop OS the last time I checked it uses server premeption in the server build (bye bye FPS) and a really gay 250hz timer freqency that should also only be used on servers.

The Ubuntu guys don't even seem to understand the complexities of the Linux kernel. With my modifications to the debian kernel including the downstream patches my system runs a fuckload faster. The people who use it could testify that.

Go have a look for those options yourself under processor type and features > premption model and you will find it set to miserable old "Desktop", move it to Low-Latency Desktop. Still under processor type and features you will see TIMER FREQENCY, set it to 1000hz. To test the before and after, move your mouse wheel up and down in a browser window insanely fast, you will find it jitters along and fails to keep up with your input. Reboot after building with my options and try again, you will find everything responds better including games.

The best thing Linux has going for it these days is VMware's 3D support which means you can play far more games because you can just use Windows directly. Requires a fair bit of ram though.

- my 2003 machine (my only machine) has a fglrx card and all sorts of ubuntus are running on it, working out of the box.
- I did your scroll wheel thing and the system did in fact keep up with my input. This is ubuntu 8.04 btw, about to install 10.04.

I laugh at the idea that the ubuntu guys dont understand the complexities of the kernel. THEY DO understand and that is why they understand that when you're shipping a kernel to millions of people, you have to be careful. That is why they dont ship the latest and greatest options, because that would cause lots of trouble. They ship tried and tested configurations, and if you wanna make changes, then you do that for YOURSELF. Not for a million other people please. Surely you understand the care needed to make those changes.

--- Quote ---Also, despite Ubuntu calling itself a desktop OS the last time I checked it uses server premeption in the server build (bye bye FPS) and a really gay 250hz timer freqency that should also only be used on servers.
--- End quote ---
What are you saying? Is this what you meant to say? SERVER BUILD is for servers. DESKTOP BUILD is for desktops. Could it be any simpler?

If you want to run server software on your desktop, you can install the server software on the desktop build. Don't install the server build, and then use it like a desktop. Because then, indeed, it may not be optimised for desktop performance. Shock.

Lead Head:
I too personally think Windows 7 is quite possible the best one to date, but it still has its quirks.

Ubuntu has a lot of quirks too. I have it installed on another machine, a fairly modest one: 2Ghz Athlon 64, 512MB RAM, ATI x800 XT. Sounds fairly decent right? Yet Ubuntu still gets unusably sluggish at times. I'll just be using Firefox, a couple of tabs open and suddenly the machine will completely lock up, and start flogging the harddrive for no apparent reason. It will eventually unfreeze, but will usually be very sluggish still flogging the harddrive. Probably 8 out of every 10 times I walk by the computer, the red HDD activity light will be on and it'll be flogging the drive - even just sitting in an idle state with the video output turned off. No idea why it does this?

I had that much ram in the year 2002. Anything would be a bit sluggish on it.


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