Author Topic: $75 Trillion dollars in damages  (Read 1468 times)


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Re: $75 Trillion dollars in damages
« Reply #1 on: 25 March 2011, 23:02 »
Wow, way to invite ridicule and destroy credibility. I think I said before that people like this who get up in arms about losing money to a generation of so-named "thieving" youths, are so stupid that they will be their own destruction.

Everytime we read about record companies going to court we get closer to a better future.

Baio, who is scheduled to represent Lime Wire when the damages trial begins on May 2, joked that the money that the record companies sought from his client would be better spent on paying for health care or wiping out the national debt.
I like this part.
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Re: $75 Trillion dollars in damages
« Reply #2 on: 27 March 2011, 04:50 »
75 Trillion? How do they even come up with these numbers?