Author Topic: 50/50 Linux Microsoft  (Read 1408 times)


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50/50 Linux Microsoft
« on: 27 May 2011, 21:49 »
I have been using ubuntu for a bit now. It runs really well (don't install gnome 3.0-it sucks.) The only reason I use Windows is because it runs City of heroes, has drivers for my gaming keyboard and mouse, and webcam. I will not knock the Linux community for that. I will criticize logitech and NCsoft for making things extremely difficult. A lot of companies have stepped up and provided driver support for Linux, but other needs to quit being wimps and follow the lead of companies like NVIDIA. I'm sure its not the best linux driver in the world but it works for me.

I would like to learn how to write code so someday I can be more capable of figuring this stuff instead of waiting for these companies to get off their asses and give some linux love. I hate MS but its a necessary evil for me at the moment. Kind of like taking castor oil. I do use firefox, libre office and VLC on the windows side of my pc.
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Re: 50/50 Linux Microsoft
« Reply #1 on: 28 May 2011, 14:42 »
It's not really a necessary evil.  You vote with your wallet.

If the video card doesn't have Linux drivers, E-Mail the manufacture and tell them they lost a potential customer.  Same with anything else.  I really was set on a portable Minidisc for a while but it had no Mac support; I E-Mailed Sony about it.  Like a year later they began supporting Macs, but I have no idea if I was the reason  :D  By then I had unfortunately moved onto an iPod or some Creative device though.

If the game can't run in Linux -- same deal.  When I encounter a site that requires Flash on my iPad (which is very rare nowadays) I just leave it and say they don't value me enough to adhere to open standards.  I did the same thing when I was a DJ in the early 90s and record companies were trying to kill vinyl (which was a necessity for any mix or scratch DJ at the time, before CD-Js and Serato).  It could be the greatest record, but if it didn't show up on vinyl -- too bad -- not playing it or buying it.  I might copy it from someone though. 

I bought a netbook a year and a half ago, and before even deciding I researched how well Ubuntu supported it.  Price wasn't even a concern.  RMS won't even use hardware unless it's open.  Imagine how much that limits his choices when it comes to having the latest and greatest.  It doesn't matter though, because it's his principles that come first.