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You all use Windows

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Admit it, some of you guys do.

I just noticed normal members were able to view the OS & Browser detection too :D

Linux has no Hybrid SLI support (which my computer has). The project to fix that is still in alpha, and very buggy. And even then, you can only use the open source nvidia driver. Which means gaming is next to impossible.

I usually do normal browsing and stuff in Linux, not to be annoyed by Windows' bullshit. But now at the holidays, all I do on my laptop is usually gaming.

My previous laptop had a single geforce card, and I used to game in Wine all the time. Some games even ran better in Wine, than Windows itself.

Anybody else joining the bandwagon?

the only computer I have runs windows. works for me.

sorry fellas!

My last piece of Microsoft software was retired after switching from Word/Excel 2004 to Pages/Numbers this year.  I have not used Windows full time since 2002, and before that even I spent a large amount of time in Linux and BeOS.

The iPad is my gaming machine for all intents and purposes, and if I needed more I'd get a Wii. 

Google has been largely replaced by DuckDuckGo for search engine purposes.  They are even more dangerous than MS was at their peak, and worse yet there's virtually no geek protest because they generally make products that admittedly work and are occasionally cool.  MS was evil and their software blew.  They are trying to be nice guys again -- sorta, just because the writing is on the wall: they offer nothing unique and have been floating on the momentum of past achievements for a decade now.

Not one machine runs Windows, not even in a Virtual Machine. 

If I have a major shift in the future I believe it will mean embracing many of RMS' philosophies -- which I 95% of the time agree with despite being an Apple fan.  I enjoy reading his essays. 

I was even eyeing the MIPS based hardware Stallman uses and thought of going that route.


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