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Wikipedia has a page on the evil on Google:

I'm a heavy Google user myself, I have an Android, and I linked all my e-mail addresses to Gmail.

The one thing I don't like about YouTube for example, is that they keep controversial content off the front page, thus popularizing douchebags like Ray William Johnson and Fred, over channels like OneyNG or The Amazing Atheist that people get offended by. I don't agree with everything some vlogger says, but it's stupid to keep them off the front page, it makes the whole website very shallow.

Also the storing of millions of people's SSID information by the Google Streetview car.
And the self-censorship of their mainland China search engine.

I know a site called The webmaster posted on Microsoft Sucks that sites like these show that consumers are aware of the actions of these corporations.

I've heard some bad things about Google but never done serious research. Google does seem to do good with open source software though.

I'll give DuckDuckGo a try to see if it's better than Google but admit I'll keep using Google for now.

Google is not only censoring in China; they've been caught meddling with politically oriented alternative news sites. Not outright blocking, but repeated 'accidents' like resetting or freezing user views or ratings on Google Video and Youtube (this started after Google acquired them), removing popular sites from Google News, etc.

As for Microsoft, they may be 'playing nice', but it turns out that Bill Gates is doing far worse evil under the cover of humanitarianism than he has done with Microsoft.


Google closed commercially in China, because they were no longer willing to censor those search results.


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