Author Topic: Hit Game Makes £52 In First Week On Windows RT  (Read 4504 times)


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Re: Hit Game Makes £52 In First Week On Windows RT
« Reply #1 on: 7 December 2012, 21:50 »
The two main mobile game engines, Unity and Unreal, don't support Windows RT.

Microsoft has an overall strategy to push gamers from Windows to Xbox 360. The games being offered in the Windows 8 store are casuals, no triple A games at all.

A lot of gamers keep Windows for the games. That's going to change soon. Two major publishers, EA and Valve, are going to support Linux and Mac OS X fully. There will be lots of people uninstalling Windows. It's a terrible gaming platform, there's so much bullshit running in the background, like updates, multimedia throttle, etc. that they need something like Game Booster that turns off all junk, so you don't lose in Call of Duty because Windows Video needs resources for no reason.