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I've had phones destroyed by lightning. Since this is adsl and copper wire, I don't want to chance it. We just had the first cool weather of the season yesterday. It was in the 90's Saturday with thunderstorms.

Also, my computer and adsl box run off batteries hooked up to
solar panel. It doesn't pull much power, but I see no reason for wasting it.

You have got right charging system.. It is enough to generate small power which all you need.
Applications / Re: Opera no more!
« Last Post by Aloone_Jonez on 18 February 2014, 21:55 »

I've gone back to Firefox. Although I need a few extensions in order for it to be usable, it's much better than Chrome/Opera.
Applications / Re: Opera no more!
« Last Post by bedouin on 16 January 2014, 20:22 »
I despise Chrome. What a step back.
The Lounge / Re: Moving to France
« Last Post by Laukev7 on 27 December 2013, 00:59 »
I've been to Europe before; including France and the Netherlands, more than 12 years ago. It was a 2-week school trip to 4 countries. I spent two years collecting funds for it via door-to-door sales. One of the few good moments I had in highschool.

I only spent two days in Germany though, and 0 in the UK. I'm planning to visit both whenever I can.

My old job was 10 mins from home. I wasn't happy there though and I only lasted two months.
The Lounge / Re: Moving to France
« Last Post by Aloone_Jonez on 27 December 2013, 00:41 »
Good on you.

I suppose you're talking to someone who doesn't like change and even found going on holiday with a friend scary. Fortunately I've found a job now, just four miles from where I live.
The Lounge / Re: Moving to France
« Last Post by Laukev7 on 26 December 2013, 15:32 »
I don't know anyone in France. However, we have strong cultural ties with the French and I'm going to be surrounded by expats.

I won't let the difficulties stop me from taking such an opportunity however. Traveling to Europe has been a lifelong dream for me.
The Lounge / Re: Moving to France
« Last Post by Aloone_Jonez on 24 December 2013, 20:21 »
Good for you.

Do you already know anyone who lives there? If not, moving to another country where you don't know anyone can be difficult.
The Lounge / Moving to France
« Last Post by Laukev7 on 24 December 2013, 00:41 »
For anyone still posting here. I got a job offer in Paris and I am going to move there in a couple of months. It's an 18 month renewable contract in java software development.

I am, of course, planning to visit as much of Europe as possible while I'm there
Applications / Opera no more!
« Last Post by Aloone_Jonez on 15 December 2013, 19:40 »
As you all probably know, I used to be an Opera fan. I loved the way it was fast, didn't use much memory and had a range of cool features.

This will probably be my last post using Opera. Since they've changed their engine to Blink, they've changed everything else. It's now just a proprietary fork of Chromium which I've tried before but didn't like so went back to Opera. It seems like there's now just less consumer choice, whether you liked Opera or not you now have no choice but Google.

I'm going to try Firefox again.

EDIT: Shit, it even identifies itself as Chrome - fuck that!
The Lounge / SoftMaker FreeOffice
« Last Post by Redmondo on 13 December 2013, 14:02 »
"Load and Help" charity campaign until Christmas Eve

If you download SoftMaker FreeOffice (windows or Linux) from now until December 24,  SoftMaker donates 10 Euro for each download to,

all information here:
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